Viikko-ohjelma 19.-25.12.2022

HOU-HOU-HOU! Jouluviikon treenit ovat ma-pe (la ja su vietetään joulua kukin tahoillamme🎅🏻🧑🏻‍🎄). Katso tarkemmat muutokset varauskalenterista…


a) Every 1:30 x 6 sets:
6 DB thrusters

b) Partner workout:
5 sets:
400-m row
8 DB squats (15/22,5 kg)
30 double-unders

  • One athlete rows, while the other athlete performs an AMRAP of the squats and double-unders. Once the rower is finished, the athletes switch. Each athlete will complete five rows and five attempts of the AMRAP. The score is the total number of rounds and reps.



a) ”Diane”

For time:
Deadlifts (70/102 kg)
Handstand push-ups

b) Post workout:
Build to a heavy 5-rep deadlift



Partner workout:
For time:
70/100 calorie row
200-m KB front rack carry
70/100 calorie row
30 KB Turkish get-ups
70/100 calorie row
100 synchro air squats

  • All reps are split evenly except for the air squats. While one partner works, the other rests.
  • Weights on KB fronty rack carry and turkish getup are Rx: 16/24kg, Intermediate: 12/16 kg, Beginner: 8/12 kg
  • Row substitutions: 800/1000-m ski, 800-m run, 1,600/2,000-m bike (any bike).



a) EMOM 8:
5 unbroken clean and jerks or snatches

b) AMRAP 7:
7 box jumps (61/76 cm)
7 chest-to-bar pull-ups



a) 5 sets for quality:
5 snatch push presses
5 hang muscle snatches
– Rest :60 between sets.

b) AMRAP 20 with a partner:
Partner 1: 250/300-m row
Partner 2: 12 hang power snatches (34/52 kg)
– Partners rotate after the row and snatches are completed.
– Partners perform 5 synchronized bar-facing burpees before rotating.


La ja Su

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