To 20.7.

Päivän lähdöt:

  • klo: 6.30/9.00/18.00/19.00

1) 4 rounds E3m 

  • 5 ohs (from the rig, pick your weight)
  • max rep Pull up
  • rest for remaining time

2) ”Backyard special”

Partner up with your mate and complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes!

(May need to bring your own gloves, and notice that this WOD is ”first come, first served -kinda situation, so you’ll face some resting time or not…;D)

  • 50+50m Piggyback ride –> run 200m
  • 20 Tire flips –> run 200m
  • 50+50m Sled pull& sled push (pick weight)  –> run 200m
  • 20 Tire jumps –> run 200m
  • 10+10m Wheelbarrow walk –>run 200m