Ke 27.1

a) BS + Bxj, 4x e3m

  • 3 reps of BS (80-90% BS 1RM)
  • 3 reps of High box jump

b) 4x e3m

  • 3-3-2-1 x Split jerk (@75-100% C+J 1RM)

c) 9 x EMOM

  • 2-8 pull ups (50% of max ub rep amount or 25% of max rep in 1min / set)


  • if you want to train strength, do strict/negative pull ups, focus on technique
  • if you want to focus on amount of kipping/butterly PU, do those, but safety first
  • or if you are going to scale pull ups to ring row in the open, you can train those